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Guest Post: The True Value of USSD proposition for emerging economies

Today’s guest post has been contributed by Fabien Delanaud, General Manager for the Sub Data Division of Myriad Group.  Fabien explains the true value of the USSD for mobile operators across the world, particularly in emerging economies. Our thanks to Fabien. —– USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and it is a standard used on […]

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Diabetes UK Mobile Membership

Diabetes UK launch first ever charity mobile membership

Diabetes UK is the first UK charity to launch a mobile membership service, making it easier than ever before for people to become members of the charity, and therefore helping it to fund its vital work supporting the 3.9 million people living with diabetes in the UK. This ground-breaking new service enables supporters to join […]

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Making Money in Mobile Requires Companies to Expand

Our thanks today go to Steve Marks from Digital Content Zone for this article on how companies are adapting to make money from the rapidly expanding mobile market. —– Already a trillion dollar business, mobile computers (smartphones and tablets) and their related wireless data plans are spreading faster than any other consumer technology that has ever […]

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The World’s First Totally Custom Notebook

Hello, Dear Readers! This is Emma here.  I usually work behind the scenes here on Mobile Industry Review; managing the day to day running of the site and helping our editor, Ewan, to sift through his inbox. I often find some great little products and stories that really appeal to me, and Ewan has encouraged […]

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The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society

I kid ye not. There is one. Perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, I imagine. But there is a Society dedicated to appreciating Telegraph Poles. Or, at least, there’s a website for the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society (“TPAS”). And that, dear reader, was a fact I found out whilst recording this week’s episode of the 361 Podcast. […]

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Keep an eye on Wileyfox launching today

The time is right for Wileyfox. Wileyfox is a super-stealth mobile handset startup focusing on Europe and North America. They’re backed by Venture Spring. They’ll sell online only and they’ll (probably?) only focus on Android devices. And that’s it. That’s your lot. That’s all we know, so far. All will be revealed in just under […]

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Windows 10 Devices

Can Windows 10 save PC sales (and Windows Phone)?

Now that Windows 10 has been available for several weeks, PC manufacturers will be hoping that Microsoft’s operating system will encourage consumers to splash out on new hardware. The US software giant is also pinning its hopes for mobile on Windows 10, making it easier for developers to create cross-platform, mobile and desktop apps in a single binary, as well as providing tools to more […]

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My Top 7 apps: Chris Williams from B60 apps

Another Top 7 apps piece sees a new list from Chris Williams of Here is his list; – – – – – Sky News: Despite there being a whole host of news apps out there, Sky News is my favourite. General, business and sports news is easily accessible and they’re the three main sources […]

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Social Trading

The emergence of social trading

Are you one of those people that likes to dabble in the stock market? Perhaps you’ve subscribed to market feeds and even do a little day trading when time permits? With the rise of the app culture and social media, there are more tools than ever in the hobbyist trader’s arsenal, especially on mobile devices. This […]

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