Youtube To Go allows video uploads from phone

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch posted this note today about Youtube Mobile which caused me to yell ‘ahh hahh’ out loud to the computer monitor. 

Youtube have announced that they have:

"..Launched a service that allows people to upload videos directly from their mobile phones and PDAs to the YouTube Web site."

The full release is here.

This is seminal for me.  If it works the way I hope it works.  For a while I’ve felt quite limited that I couldn’t easily upload-and-publish videos from my mobile in the same way that I do with images to Flickr or the like.

However I wonder if it’s US only?  I don’t see any notes about it.  I’m hoping that their system will happily accept a video attached in an email from my Sony Ericsson W550i.  I’ll know in a few moments as my test is transmitting to the Youtube service at the moment.

If it’s a go-er and it does work for international users then I am most definitely getting a Nokia N90.  The video quality on that phone, combined with a T-mobile UK Web ‘N’ Walk data plan which is apparently unlimited (I’ve still to look at my bill and check this is the case) is really going to change things for me.  😀

One annoying issue: my W550i is ‘2g’ … it’s chugging away at GPRS speeds uploading a 10 second video which must be a few hundred kilobytes in size.  Goodness knows what it’ll be like if I try to upload a 3 minute high-res video from a Nokia N90.  Still as long as the data plan is unlimited, speed isn’t too much of a problem.

Bring on easily-uploadable mobile video!

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