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So, put down your wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends and prepare to flirt.  I hearby give you permission to visit racy mobile and online dating service Flirtomatic, in the name of mobile industry research, to check it out and send some flirt messages.

I first checked out Flirtomatic a long time ago when it first launched.  I was impressed then and, after quite a few revisions and improvements, I am still very much impressed. 

I made the FATAL decision of using my Three mobile number to sign up to their service. What a plonker.  Of course, Three won’t let me get access to the internet so I couldn’t try out their mobile service.

Anyway, I had a play around, setup a profile, sent a few messages…. then a few weeks later, I got an instant message from a former girlfriend who I regularly speak with.  She asked me if I’d tried Flirtomatic. 

Impressive marketing.  She’d downloaded the mobile version and was having a seriously good time flirting like crazy with the users on the system.  This is good for Flirtomatic.  This former girlfriend was not, and could never be termed a ‘geek’ — so to switch her on, get her using their mobile service… excellent work.

So now and again I’ve been dipping in and out of Flirtomatic.  I’ve had quite a few messages from some attractive looking girls.  At least, I think they’re girls, but alas, I’ve never been online at the same time to conduct a chat with them using the rather wicked Flirtomatic flash system.

I think I haven’t quite had the balls to send a proper message on the system.  Check this out.  I clicked on the MATCH ME UP button and promised that, for the sake of SMS Text News, I would send a message to the first girl that the system threw up. 

Luckily she was a looker.  😉

I clicked ‘send flirtogram’. This window popped up with some animations that you could include:


Is that one there, in the centre, what I think it is? 


Well I just sent her a message by text asking how she was.  Cop out, I know, but you know. 

Picture_5_21Now, have a look at the profile I knocked up (left).  It was ultra simple to setup.  I just set up my account, uploaded a pic and filled in the standard questions they set . 

Please do note that I have a 9.3 out of 10 rating. Not bad, eh?  I’m not quite sure what ‘I’m beefed up’ means.  I think it’s in reference to my hours spend in the gym daily.   😉 

Unfortunately no one has sent me any supersnogs. So feel free.  In fact, if you are a good looking woman, feel free to send as many flirt messages as you wish to my username, ew44n. 

Flirtomatic is definitely racy.  There are dildos, or perhaps they’re vibrators all over the shop (you opt to include one, along with lots of other interesting icons on your profile).  I think that’s conducive to encouraging people to interact.  It’s definitely a completely different experience from the more sedate style of writing pages worth of profile information and quietly sending off a wink if you see someone you like. 

So, no one’s written back to me yet.  Weighed with a degree of confidence hitherto not exercised, I’ve sent a few more messages — one to a Fellatio Princess.  Interesting, eh?   

My former girlfriend loved using the service by mobile — and when you search for people, the system indicates if they’re offline, online via computer or online via mobile — using little icons.  Smart.   I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of enjoyment being generated from the service most days.  Right now there are 500 folk online flirting with each other. 

I wrote to Flirtomatic to request a Q&A interview — and Mark Curtis, their CEO, promptly agreed — I need to put some questions together for him pronto.. it’s been a month since I wrote to him!    So if you’ve any particular issues you’d like to put to Mark, let me know. 

So, as I wrote above, drop your partner temporarily and fly over to, setup and account and check it out. 

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  • Ew44n, if you try on your 3 mobile now, you’ll be able to use Flirtomatic on your mobile. 🙂 Go to and use your current login details.

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