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Picture_20RebTel is coming!   It helps you make very cheap calls from your mobile, to your friends abroad.   I think this could be absolutely massive.

It works by assigning you — and your friend — a local phone number each (e.g. 0207 number here in London.  You put that local number in your phone book. 

So, for example, my local phone number for Keith in Canada would be 0207 100 2000.  Right?

If I dial that number from my mobile, I’m charged a few pence a minute — or even better, the call uses up my service plan minute allowance. 

Now if Keith in Canada wants to call me, he dials +1 204 250 2500 (for example — I’m making these  numbers up).

So we’ve both got local numbers for each other, right?

I want to call Keith:  I phone 0207 100 2000.  Keith gets a phone call on his mobile from identifier +1 204 250 2500.  In his phone book, he’ll have put ‘EwanInternational’ or something like that, for this number. 

Keith answers.  I ask Keith to hang-up and dial back.  Why?  Because 30 seconds after I initiate the call, RebTel has to start billing me (small rates – e.g. 2cents a min from UK to Canada) because they’re having to pay to connect the call to Keith. 

BUT.  Here’s the science bit. 

Within 30 seconds, Keith hangs up.  I stay on the line.  Keith then calls back the EwanInternational local access number assigned to me — the number that just called him…

… and we’re immediately connected. 

Both of us are paying local call charges only and because RebTel isn’t paying any outgoing charges — and can route our call via VOIP, the call is free.  Period. 


This will change the lives of quite a few people I know.  I’ve just sent a text to my friend who’s in a long term relationship with a gorgeous girl in NY.  Their phone bills are ridiculous.  They’ve been using Skype to talk to each other — but it only works when she’s in the office (as her home computer’s broken).  RebTel will change their world.   It really will.

Setup is extremely simple.  Give it a go:

  • It is great to make cheap or even free international calls from your mobile, have provided free and low cost international calls for mobile phone for quite some time now.

    listening to rebTel’s offer: everyone will get a local UK number. If’s current customers got a number for each of the people they are currently calling with our 07744 700 300 service we would have to ask BT wholesale to add 2 digits to all UK phone numbers as we would run out of local numbers. use several different access numbers. Our best and most popular access number is 07744700300 that use your cross network minutes on T-mobile, Orange & virgin contracts and allows you to make international calls. Check for more information.

    We have launching a java based mobile call saver which will picks the lowest price for international calls from your mobile from free.

    The price is calculated based on the mobile network you use, the type of contract you have and the time of day you are making the international call.

    This means no more hassle in finding the best calling card and the access number to use – Briing finds all this for you.

    Best of all it integrates with your current phone book.

    Please email us at if you want to be one of the first in the UK to use this service.

    one thing is sure, I am glad we are not the only ones, fighting for lower prices on international calls.

    Rune from

  • winne

    Will this work fr landphone to overseas cell/hand phones like in Australia from Hawaii.


  • Deys


    By the way, if you are really looking to make cheap international calls do try, and if your on a mobile contract, probability is that you may be able the call even for free


  • Ramon Fuller

    I am in Trinidad and Tobago I am on my cell want to call and text to Nigeria will this work and at what cost?

  • i want send to free of cost sms to on mobile

  • RebTel doenst work for me but a friend of mine is a great fan of this service. Cheap voicecalls are worth when you call somebody from Romania to USA for examle.

  • I used to use the 07744 and 07755 services but calling these access numbers do not count to the free mobile minutes by the Network carriers. I am glad I found this found this from this site which has left me in limbo. I found this solution using an 0207 access number as part of a low cost mobile UK solution which I needed, I came across this application which routes over a UK 0207 number. I am using it on the E61 with free minutes contract.

  • Chris

    I’ve used Rebtel; quite good. My mobile operator blocks access numbers like 07*, 0207*, Rebtel instead use local access numbers – they gave me one in Glasgow (0141) which my mobile operator bills as a local call, which is nice. Presumably they have no way of differentiating this call from any other local number (yet – they may figure it out from usage patterns or otherwise eventually).

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