TxtDrop.com launches free texting by OS X widget

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Link: TxtDrop.com Releases Free Text Messaging (SMS) Widget For Mac OS X

TxtDrop.com announced today that it is now offering a completely free text messaging Dashboard widget for Mac OS X. TxtDrop.com’s new Macintosh OS X widget for Apple computers, allows users to send free text messages right from their desktop. The program also allows users to receive replies to their text messages directly via email, a first for TxtDrop.com.

You can also get a widget for your MySpace or blog so that people can send text messages from your website.

Alas it’s only for North American mobile numbers!

  • Thanks for letting your readers know about our new widget, Ewan!

    The download page for our widget is http://www.txtdrop.com/widget.php

  • Hi

    Thanks to TxtDrop (and Ewan) for letting me know about
    this too. I shall broadcast this news on my site, and to
    my newsletter subscribers soon.


    PS I really must plough my way through all of your
    news items, Ewan (via bloglines RSS feed). I really
    only noticed this because TxtDrop got in touch via

  • robert

    hi there

    any chance of adding NEW ZEALAND to your setup?


    many thanks

    robert ; )

  • Radha

    Is this some kind of joke? I used txtdrop to send myself a text message and the text message never came! So I checked with my provider and they said that SMTP SMS are blocked by default on my Fido service to prevent others from sending me messages that “I would be charged for”.

    TxtDrop is a scam in a way because the person sending the message doesn’t pay, but the person receiving does. What’s so free about that?

    I don’t stick to a single free text service, the ones I have used such as 3jam, Zemble, and Peekamo have always arrived to my phone.

    TxtDrop claims they have sent 500,000 messages, but 500,000 messages were definitely not received.

  • aluga

    I know that with some services, the user can block text messages from the email/website gateways. I use Cingular and deliberately disabled all SMS except those from another phone, which cannot be blocked. (This was over a year ago and may have changed.)

    Perhaps some of the other free services are using a phone SMS gateway instead, so they go through?

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