Three UK offers every customer unlimited mobile data for £5

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3 has become the first mobile operator to offer unlimited mobile internet access to all its contract customers.

This new package comes on the back of the success of 3’s X-Series, launched with the Nokia N73 last December. The £5 flat rate, unlimited mobile internet service will be open to contract users with any recently launched 3 handset.

Caught by Steve – thanks!

Well that’s wicked to have it formalised now. In practice, I think you could have phoned up and added the £5 unlimited option anyway. That’s what I did — but I happened to have the right device for X-Series.

Anyway, got a handset on Three? Pay your fiver and you’ve got unlimited data. Magnificient.

Brilliant, brilliant!


  • That is fantastic…!

    Come on O2, you know it makes sense…..

  • aleem tayyab

    guys, what should i do?

    should i wait 2 months for vodafone to start the £1 a day service,


    get a new three contract, and carry 2 mobile phones?


  • ewan

    Aleem — £1 a day works out to £30 a month if you use your handset frequently!


  • Darren

    £15 for 500 minutes
    £5 for X-Series (I only want web access, I dont really care about the value added apps such as iSkoot/Skype)

    £20 a month for setting my ameo free, yet still keeping my T-Mobile connection for my personal phone.


    Very, VERY tempting

  • Curtains

    Darren: Just what I was thinking – that price even beats T-Mobile tariifs if you can wangle it. And now with roaming onto Orange when out of Three coverage it just seems the best deal by far.

    Its just a shame that Three won’t let the 500 minute tariff out to third party resellers, or rather Hugh Symonns don’t seem to be able to connect it in march 🙁

  • Mike

    As a recent import to this sceptered isle, can someone explain to me why people think 3UK shouldn’t be their main carrier/number? Apart from Ewan, everyone oohs and aaahs about X-series/data, but seems resigned to using others for voice.

    Especially if they won best 3G network in 2005, and with Orange 2.5G roaming have everywhere else covered too?

    Is the stigma of the 3G launch experience in 2003 that bad that 3 years on, it colours decisions?

  • ewan

    I’ve been using Three more regularly and I’ve been finding it a phenomenally good and reliable service. The data, in particular, is extremely fast.

    I think there’s a huge stigma still felt by many — and the critical element is that it spread into the ‘normob’ normal mobile user consciousness. Even the taxi driver I was speaking to in Hartlepool voiced concern over Three, asking, “Is it any good then?”

  • John

    Three seems really good to me on voice calls.
    Last night I was in a pub kind of under a hotel and the others I was with were saying oh you can’t get a phone signal down here and none of them had a signal on their network. But my three signal was strong.

    I know one example is meaningless but in my experience the signal and relability I’ve had with three is exactly as good as any of the other networks I’ve been on in the past.

    Maybe it depends on your location but I’d not hesitate for a second to recommend them on that basis, and the data is unbeatable at the moment (I tend to use a lot of data)

  • Does Three wobble over to Orange 2G when out of coverage, or Orange 3G?

  • Mike

    Orange 2.5G.

    Everyone knows Orange 3G isn’t worth a wet bit of string, hence their need to partner with Voda to get meaningful coverage claims 😉

  • Ever tried a traceroute on Orange 3G? More hops than a kangaroo race.

    So does this mean that Three falls back to Orange 2.5G, and if you’re lucky Vodafone 3G?

    Oh the fun of it. Bring back the days of good ol’ British Telecom, Buzby, and a state monopoly. One operator to rule them all 😉

  • Sorry to post this on two posts, but I noticed that this month, I had a counter which started at 10240kb. My x-series is still active and I’m only 15 days into the new month, but I noticed that the counter drained to zero yesterday (heavy use of google maps!) and then I got charged 24p.
    I called and asked why, what with having x-series active.
    (After a long hold “I must check these details further” – you know the kind of thing!) he came back and said the allowance was not 1 GigaBYTE but one gigaBIT! But even then, google tells me that’s 131072k, and I certainly didn’t use that…I’ve not even mobilcasted yet!
    I’ll let you know when the bill comes and I’ve been able to argue…it could just be a glitch on my account, but meantime, just keep an eye on your own bills.

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