Dave Winer’s european tech travel questions

Link: Scripting News: 5/24/2007

Europe travel questions 
1. Will my Cingular Blackberry work in Europe?
2. Will my Sprint EVDO?
3. Will there be Internet on the KLM flight from SFO to Amsterdam?
4. Will there be power at the seat?
5. Which power adapters do I need to bring?

Answers on a postcard please!

Yes, no no no no and Apple’s own proprietary power cables (purchasable from Apple Store Regent Street by the way), as Jeff Jarvis notes). Am I right? 😉

  • Agree with 1-4 but for 5 why not just get a multi adapter, I have a US Mac power adapter and just use a small adapter to convert it rather than an expensive cable from Apple…

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