Vonage is ‘garbage at a discount’ and ‘it stinks’

Link: GigaOM Vonage: The Last Stand «

These are desperate times for Vonage: it is losing a lot of customers, otherwise why else would it offer  a $3.99 a month (for a year) deal to the defectors. Judi Sohn, a defecting customer, sums it up best when she writes, ‘Getting garbage at discount still stinks.”

Vonage is not having a good day. Or a good year. Om’s got the gossip at the link above.

For me, however, I’ve always wanted Vonage to work. I really liked the idea. Never worked for me though. Never properly. People kept on asking me to call them back on a ‘better line’…

All my trials and tribulations of Vonage are right here.

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