Youtube available via iPhone at launch

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YouTube will be available on the iPhone at launch. Big deal, I think: snippet TV on snippet screens; the ability to send videos around to each other and watch them on the go.

I agree that this is a big deal, however I was immediately underwhelmed.

I immediately thought of the GPRS icon on my phone…. Anyone in the UK will have an idea what I’m talking about when I say that Youtube video via 2/2.5 ‘G’ is just dire. Or, if you want to watch maybe 20-30 block pixels rearrange themselves in a pretty yet completely unidentifiable manner, it’s brilliant. I’m not that happy that Apple are shoving out a non-3G device.

When you can get 100k a second to the handset in a reasonably reliable fashion, Video and whatnot, even at lower resolutions, is pretty usable.

I wonder if some elements of the iPhone are going to be completely humbled by the speed unless you’re in a WiFi zone?


  • I was browsing the internet on my laptop via my three uk handset… i viewed videos from all over the place just fine. So, me thinks that the data speed is there 🙂 So as long as the phone has good rendering, which it does, I can’t see this will be an issue if its on three.

    The other networks however….. doh!

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  • WOW!

    iPhone Internet Browser can Browse INternet Site !!! Shock Horror.

    I heard an amazing rumour….

    Innovative new Apple iPhone can actually make calls to LANDLINES!!!!!

    All praise to Steve Jobs – innovator of the millenium

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