Dead man clocks up $218 trillion mobile bill

Link: Deceased Malayan hit with $218 trillion mobile bill | The Register

If you think your monthly mobile bill is high, spare a thought for one poor dead guy in Malaysia, who even though he was dead managed to run up an extraordinarly high phone bill.

A Malaysian man who paid off a $23 wireless bill and disconnected his late father’s cell phone back in January has been stiffed for subsequent charges on the closed account, MSNBC has reported. Telekom Malaysia sent Yahaya Wahab a bill for 806,400,000,000,000.01 ringgit, or about $218 trillion, for charges to the account, along with a demand from the company’s debt collection agency that he settle the alleged debt within 10 days, or get a lawyer.

Incidently that’s £115,000,829,066,960 – and 27 pence. An awful lot of money in any currency.


  • Those afterlife roaming charges are horrendous!

  • The Register’s opening line is utterly fabulous

    “What otherworldly ectoplasms lurk in the oblivion of such an unholy place as accounts receivable?”


  • actually no, the headline used in the Register’s daily email was the best

    “Roaming in the valley of the shadow of death”

    I wonder what O2 charge to roam there?


  • John

    You must be slipping Ewan, where’s the joke about Vodafone data charges?

  • Ewan

    Come now, John, I carry a weighty respect for Vodafone. Besides, Steve got in there a moment ago with an o2 reference.

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