Mobile phones cause insomnia, says Australian doc

Link: Internet, mobile phones ‘sabotaging sleep’ |

According to a leading Australian sleep expert, mobile phones are contributing to a lack of sleep.

Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller told ABC’s Four Corners program he thinks “we live in a society that doesn’t value sleep. We live in a society that basically has this idea of you’re accessible and alert and contactable 24 hours a day. And that’s certainly a myth for young people and their friends.”

The answer? According to Mr Fuller, don’t have any electronic gadgets in your bedroom. No television, no DVD player, no computer, and definitely no mobile. How that’ll fit in with the habits of 43% of Americans who admit taking their mobile email device to bed is anyones guess.

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  • cyclist

    Well although I email in bed, I do turn my mobile off before I go to sleep. Doesn’t everyone?

  • Helps me sleep better but still not great. I continue to wake up many times through out the night but at least can seem to fall right back to sleep and not just lay there. Gives me a headache a few hours into the next day after I wake up and seems to last for a while.

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