Get yourself MAXroam and win an iPhone

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The chaps at MAXroam are offering an unlocked Apple iPhone to one lucky winner who purchases a MAXroam sim from their site ( this Thursday.

I picked up my MAXroam SIM recently from Sean O’Mahony and I’ve been dying to give it a go. I know I can use it right now here in the UK but I’m heading off to Italy this week… so I’m going to give it a work-out then.

  • Any probs, give me a call, I will fly right out 🙂
    Could do with the break

  • @ pat – Now that’s the “Executive relations” customer service Ewan is looking for!

    Can’t wait to order a SIM and try it out myself!

  • Very keen on buying this, but tell me because whilst your website is pretty funky, it isn’t that obvious: what country would my mobile number be? So if I am in Egypt, do I get a SIM and it has a UK number on it? So that people call a UK mobile number to call me? Assuming this, does it cost them the price of calling a standard UK mobile?

    And what is the call quality/delay like calling betwen UK and Egypt? Or like the many other services that I’ve tried, do I have to put money in the slot to find out, and then bin it a week later because the quality is rubbish? I truly hope yours is the one I’ve been looking for all my life, because there are loads of solutions out there but nothing I would dare have an important business conversation on.


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