Da da da de da.. I’m Wi-fi’ing it

Link: McDonald’s offers free wi-fi Internet service in 1,200 U.K. outlets – MarketWatch

Next time you’re in McDonalds it might not be just the choice of food that’ll save the pounds, following the announcement that they’re planning to roll-out free wi-fi by the end of the year.

The fast food chain has struck a deal with hotspot provider The Cloud to bring free wireless internet access to their 1200 UK outlets by the end of the year. They’ve already got a deal with BT Openzone for paid access, which will continue for the foreseeable future.

  • Ewan

    Ah finally! I wonder if they’ll activate WiFi in the Hartlepool McDonalds?

  • Ant

    will probably annoy the folks at BT Openzone seeing as the CLoud network is the same rebranded network they use.

  • That’s good news. BTOpenzone is rarely accessible there even with the funky stickers in most outlets.

    The bad news is I might end up the size of a house.

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