On site at the Future of Mobile


I wasn’t able to attend Future of Mobile yesterday but my good friend Mr Whatleydude was on-site and he sent me updates via Jaiku!

The one issue I have with these kinds of conferences is hot air. Lots of people talking hot air. Not a lot of work being done. Too many people staring at the wall and writing emails to friends whilst half paying attention. It’s a broad-brush statement and filled with possible errors, but, time is a priority at the moment.

Whatley has a report that he kindly knocked up — I’m reading through that right now. Standby.

I did feel for Andrea Trasatti of dotMobi. I trust he wasn’t lynched by the audience. Mention ‘.mobi’ in front of many from the mobile industry and you’re on your own.

Incidentally, Whatley was doing so many Jaiku updates today that he was banned, temporarily, by the Jaiku servers — who thought he was spamming… heh!

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