Pownce Mobile Attacks Your Handset

Pownce, the micro-social-blogging site launched by Digg.com founder Kevin Rose, has launched its mobile site, mobile.pownce.com. The site is optimized for mobile browsers (apparently it even looks killer on the iPhone, perhaps someone can confirm this for us) and allows you to do most everything on your phone that you can with a PC browser.

Twitter, Jaiku, and now Pownce all have mobile-oriented sites, as do Facebook and MySpace. Is anyone out there still unconvinced that the mobile web is going to see a bigger explosion of users than you can imagine?

Martin Sauter has a great article on why the Mobile Web had such a terrible start, and why he thinks it’s going to see a boom soon, as well. I know that I’ve been known to break down in tears and assume the fetal position when AT&T’s data network has an outage.

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