Look Mom, You Can Text, Too!

If you’ve not heard of Joopz.com, and you have parents or loved ones who sit at home and don’t quite understand the concept of SMS, this site is for you. It’s also great if you’re like me, hyper-connected, but sitting in front of your computer most of the day. Joopz.com allows you to easily send and receive SMS on the web, eliminating the need to tap out messages on your phone’s cramped numeric keypad.

There’s a handy button that allows you to continue the conversation on your mobile, should you need to get up and leave the confines of your desk. You can also use Joopz.com for group messaging, if you’re organizing a get together, making it easy to kep everyone in the joop loop. Another convenient feature is text reminders, which offer you the ability to setup a reminder to be delivered to your mobile handset at a specific time and date, reminding you to do, whatever you need to get done.

On the flipside of that is Scheduled Messages, which allow you to schedule an SMS to be delivered to someone else at a certain time and date. It’s free to sign up, and you just might find yourself Joopzing like a mad-man.

This would be really useful for moms and other stereotypically technology-illiterate people. Rather than have them constantly trying to type something out on those tiny keys, just set them up on Joopz and you guys can chat back and forth all day.

  • freestyles

    I have been using joopz.com from one year the experience has truly been great, if you ask me I would say go for it!

  • anglelove123

    i like this website it is so cool!!

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