Video: Mark Tynan of ShopQwik

I’m delighted to bring you the first in the DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow series. You can find background on the roadshow here.

Our first featured developer is Mark Tynan of mobile travel experts, ShopQwik. The application is nothing short of a piece of genius and allows you to book a flight and/or hotel, anywhere on the planet, within about 60-90 seconds, direct from your mobile. What’s more, if you’re American (true paperless ticketing at just about every US airport), then the service really comes into it’s own. You don’t need to bother printing out nonsense. Just click, click and you’re done. You can get all your details at the touch of a button via the ShopQwik application.

In the video below, Mark talks about evolving ShopQwik along with the challenges they face developing for hundreds of handsets — and gives a perspective on how useful DeviceAnywhere would be in that process.

DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow: ShopQwik from Ewan MacLeod on Vimeo.

If you’d like to feature in the DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow, drop me a note. Provided you’re in the UK, we’ll do our best to try and feature you. That means a visit from me, bearing gifts in the form of an extended DeviceAnywhere trial. We’ll aim to profile your company and get your viewpoints on the DeviceAnywhere service.

The roadshow is kindly supported by DeviceAnywhere.

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